Learn to build a show-stopping cheese and charcuterie board in this deliciously fun all-ages workshop. We'll discuss selecting cheese that will wow any type of guest, demystify the cheese counter, give tips on buying and tasting cheese, and show you how to pair it. Then we'll use a broad selection of accompaniments to create a plate that everyone will want to take a photo of before they dig in.

You'll be able to take your newly completed board home to share with loved ones (or eat it for lunch!).

With a simple system for categorizing and selecting cheese, you'll never feel at a loss at the cheese counter again. Taught by Cathy Billings, Local Cheesemoger & Chef, this robust class promises to be so much more than a 'make a pretty platter' class (though it will be that too!) Cathy is an engaging teacher who encourages a fun, interactive environment while she explains what’s happening in a very down-to-earth and friendly format.

Attendees will leave this class with:

  • A complete cheese and charcuterie board to enjoy at home

  • A fresh appreciation for the magic that is cheese

  • Confidence and knowledge to reproduce the same results at home

Please note: masks are required.

About the teacher:

Cathy Billings is a San Francisco Bay Area native who recently moved to Chattanooga. She has been making jewelry for over 20 years. Her pieces have been available in several galleries in the S.F. Bay Area. Back in her hometown of Benicia, CA, she was a member of the Public Art committee and taught jewelry workshops at a local bead gallery. She has recently started The Natural Trend, a jewelry design enterprise and Etsy shop. When she is not beading, you will most likely find her in the kitchen. She has a passion for cooking and has worked as a Cheese Monger in the S.F, Bay Area and Napa Valley for the past 15 years.