Are you looking to add something unique to your home gallery wall? This could be just the class for you. Challenge yourself to create something tailored perfectly for your space with canvas embroidery art. In this class, you will develop your desired layout for an 8x8 stretched canvas onto which you will embroider your chosen design. Pre-printed designs will be available to allow you to experiment and stitch a piece that is ready to hang when you get home.

Each participant will receive stretched canvas, stitching kit, embroidery floss and pre-printed design templates.

Please note: masks are required.

About the teacher:

No one should be forced to fit into one box. April Corbett loves everything that she does and encourages others to find what they love and do it. She's an engineer, maker, planner designer, productivity guru and all around crafter. She's always looking for new projects and awesome places to take her engineering career. Follow April on Facebook here.