Join author, social entrepreneur, and Chattanooga groupie Kristi Hemmer for a MOXIEtalk about turning challenges into opportunities, self-assurance, and being your own happy ending after Covid.

About this event:

How did Kristi go from being a suit-wearing, important-decision making-school running principal to a bucket-carrying, dorm-sharing cleaning, sweaty janitor? It was Fiji’s South Sea Island’s fault. Find out how the story ends and how to own your MOXIE too!

In partnership with Jennifer and Shawanda from The Chattery, join world traveler Kristi Hemmer, M.Ed. on her MOXIEon book tour for a delightful summer night of conversations, connections, and MOXIE.

As an educator turned social entrepreneur, Kristi will use stories from her first book Quit Being So Good and from the audience to answer the question, “How will I be my own happy ending?”

In this MOXIEtalk, you will…

  • Turn challenges into opportunities.
  • Define what life after Covid looks like for you and your circle of influence.
  • Connect with others like you in The Chattery community and beyond.
  • Be part of #womenempoweringwomen

Seats are limited. Grab one for you and your favorite friend for a night of connection, restoration, and MOXIE.

About the teacher:

When Kristi Hemmer, M.Ed. was a little girl, her dream was to be President, start her own school, and write a book. Today, Kristi is President-of her own company. She started her own school-Academy for Women’s Empowerment. And her book- Quit Being So Good launched on International Women's Day. Join Kristi on her MOXIEon Summer 2021 book tour to: spread MOXIE (guts, self-assurance, pluck), inspire changemakers, and share stories from Quit Being So Good that spark courageous conversations. She can’t wait to meet you and hear your story! Learn more at