Learn all about aromatherapy in this make and take class.

This class features a brief introduction to aromatherapy and how essential oils work, why they are beneficial, origins and how they are made.

During the class, you’ll:

  • Blend a layered bath salt jar using Epsom salts, mineral salts, essential oils and flower petals.
  • Blend your own massage oil, choosing your own oils according to what you want to get out of the blend.
  • Make two sugar lip scrubs

About the instructor:

Sharon Stewart is a Holistic Wellness Coach, with an Associate's Degree in Applied Science for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She opened a Wellness Studio in March to coach and assist in holistic nutrition, as well as essential oil blending. Sharon has over twenty years in food service experience, and saw a continuing need for addressing and helping people with lifestyle choices so they can benefit optimally on an individual basis. Her Wellness Studio is located in East Ridge, Tennessee, and also encompasses movement classes for a well-rounded and mindful life choice.