Mindfulness meditation is about being awake and present in the moment. We often spend much of our time planning and worrying about the future or ruminating about the past. When we live our lives in this way, we miss what is happening right here and now. We also have a tendency to judge ourselves and our experience, which undermines our self-worth and confidence.

Mindfulness and heartfulness are essentially entwined. In Asian languages the word for heart and mind are the same. Life can only truly be experienced in the present moment, so it makes sense to live in the present as often as we can!

This workshop is aimed at beginners, however all are welcome. The class will begin with a brief introduction to mindfulness and sound healing. The majority of the workshop is experiential, where you will be led in a number of meditations followed by a sound healing journey.

A growing body of evidence reveals how mindfulness reduces stress, anxiety, chronic pain and depression. Regular meditators are happier and less likely to suffer from psychological and physical distress. This taster session is a great starting point or reignition!


  • A brief introduction to heart-centered mindfulness and sound healing.
  • A 5 minute meditation, which is a short practice that can be utilized at any time throughout your day to bring you to the present and help you manage stressful situations. (Handout of this meditation will be provided).
  • A longer heart-centered meditation, leading into sound healing to the gentle heartbeat of a shamanic drum, crystal singing bowls and more!
  • All attendees will receive a FREE gift of Mindfulness audios PLUS Life Purpose Meditation and Workbook – 21 Days & Beyond to gaining insight into your life purpose!

About the instructor:

Liz Keates is an International Life Purpose & Spirituality Coach (living in London). A lifelong learner, nature lover, sound healer, world traveler, and mindfulness teacher who’s obsessed with helping midlife women create a second half of life that’s (even) better than the first! Through Life coaching services, writing and workshops, Liz helps midlife women who are frustrated and stuck in the wrong career and/or experiencing lack luster in midlife, by helping them to awaken their life purpose, so they can finally earn a living doing what they absolutely love. And live a more meaningful life doing what they were put on earth to do. Liz has a Master’s degree in Integrative Psychotherapy and worked as a counsellor and therapist for over 10 years. Liz is a Certified Beautiful You life coach. A cancer thriver, of almost 6 years. This ‘life shock’ led her to her passion of assisting midlife women around the world live lives full of passion, purpose, freedom!