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Looking for a new job is overwhelming, but balancing the search with your current position, with your home life, and with your mental health is downright impossible. Join me as I teach you how to search effectively to get your dream job, how to set healthy boundaries so you don't lose your mind, and how to enjoy the process. If you're ready to take job searching to the next level, this course is for you!

About the instructor:

Laura Von Wahlde has found her purpose in helping women reclaim their identities, set aside fear, and step into their most authentic, fulfilled lives. This purpose has been present in her life, long before her coaching business was a reality. Laura earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology at North Park University in Chicago, IL, and her Master’s in Forensic Psychology at Middlesex University in London, UK. In 2019, Laura became certified as a Professional Coach. Laura is now able to help women full time through her coaching business.

Through her own reclamation journey, she realized women are too often giving away pieces of themselves. They get trapped in the lies of society, and hold themselves back from exploring their true capacity. Laura upholds that, through empowerment and accountability, all women can meet their goals. Laura’s mission is to empower women to take action, reclaim their lives, and live the life they truly desire.