Are you interested in creating a signature online course you can sell? Avoid sleazy sales tactics by educating others about your work — teaching is a marketing technique that positions you as a leader in your field.

In this course you will learn

Why a Signature Program is Important:

Differentiate yourself from the competition with a valuable training program that stands above the rest.

Gagne's 9 Events of Instruction:

This scientifically proven 9 step template works for every training program.


Used by professional instructional designers to complete projects on time and on budget, this end to end system guides you from concept to delivery.

How to Choose a Delivery Method:

Decide whether to deliver your class in person or record it so students can take it on demand.

Actionable Steps to Get it Done:

Walk away and get started! This workshop includes downable forms you can fill in to quickly and easily create your first online course.

Please note: Masks are required, and temperatures will be checked upon arrival.

About the teacher:

Suzanne Dulin is founder of Get a Bigger Boat. She is a professional instructional designer who previously worked creating online courses for a major engineering company. She founded Get a Bigger Boat to help small business owners successfully complete complex creative projects such as developing online courses, writing books, and designing marketing systems. Suzanne's Masters degree is in Engineering Management, with a focus on business startup. She works with business owners to build their 6 business processes: Executive, Product Development, Sales, Product Delivery, Accounting, and Marketing. She helps reduce startup costs by focusing on building processes in a sequential order.