In this 4 hour workshop you will be following the signature Memo to Myself guide for life manifestation. Through journaling and group discussion, you will be led to envision a new future.

The overall goal of this online workshop is to learn the skills to plan, create, and most importantly, implement a life that is true to your values.

  • Reflect with compassion on your current situation

  • Connect with like-minded people and make new friends to spark fresh ideas

  • Clarify your mind and your vision through journaling activities

  • Make plans to turn over a new leaf

  • Dedicate yourself to a long term journey of renewal

Who is this event for?

  • Anyone seeking a life changing experience

  • Anyone who is ready to create an new lifestyle that honors their own time and serves their creativity

How is this event different?

Suzanne Dulin, MEng, has a background in engineering product design and project development. She brings expertise in a practical approach to making life long changes.

About the program:

Suzanne Dulin developed the Memo to Myself Life Manifestation Circle out of client requests. They were seeking to be more organized in their daily lives.

Years ago, she developed this system for visualizing a life true to her own values. What, in concrete terms, did it look like to live a life with strong friendships, close relationships to family, a life which felt organized and created the space and time for her to stay connected to inspiration and spirit?

From those goals, she worked backward to create concrete plans. For example, if a being a good friend meant writing thank you notes to show appreciation, then having cards, envelopes, and stamps all handy in one spot made it a lot easier to get that important task done.

The Memo format has a sense of formality and yet, also, it can be changed and adjusted as time goes on. It's a commitment you make to yourself, but a commitment that you have permission to update whenever you need.

Suzanne is a lifelong yoga teacher, but also has a background in engineering and project management. This unique program combines a circle of sharing and communion, yoga listening techniques, and practical, proven systems for manifesting dreams.