If you are looking for holistic tools to aid you in your day-to-day life, crystals may be just the thing for you! Crafting a healing crystal practice might feel overwhelming when you're first starting. How do crystals work? How do you pick the right ones? What’s the best way to care for and get the most out of your stones? Crystals 101 will answer all of these questions and introduce you to the seven crystals every crystal lover should have in their collection – no matter their experience level!

No materials are required for this course, visit Almanac Supply Co. to shop locally for crystals, candles, and more!

About the teacher:

Meri Wright is a native Chattanoogan and the business manager of Almanac Supply Co. She works to spread awareness of the benefits of crystals and living intentionally with the seasons. At home in the wilds of North Georgia with her son and partner, Meri creates illustrations, practices gardening, and experiments with baking.