This series is in partnership with Welcome Home of Chattanooga and The Chattery. The program is free of charge. Classes take place every Thursday in February, March and April.

April is all about Compassion, in partnership with Zen Caregiving Project.

This series is designed to support caregivers to deepen their understanding and cultivation of compassion in the context of their work. In the best of circumstances, end-of-life care can strain one’s inherent inclination to act compassionately, and during the current circumstances of the pandemic, the strain is amplified. By understanding the dynamics of compassion, caregivers can more easily address short and long-term obstacles to compassionate care. Directing compassion toward self as well as others increases one’s sense of purpose, meaning, and well-being. This series will combine instruction with periods of meditation and interactive exercises.

Session Four: Self-compassion: Serving Ourselves So We Can Serve Others

In this session, participants will associate negative self-judgement with chronic unhappiness, and differentiate between evaluations or judgments and observed facts. They will describe the three components of self-compassion and apply a four-step practice for alleviating overwhelm and burden.

About the Zen Caregiving Project:

Zen Caregiving Project is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California with over 30 years of experience in practicing and teaching mindfulness-based, compassionate caregiving. We offer courses, workshops, and training for professional, family, clinical, and volunteer caregivers. Through our work, we provide a context for public discussion of caregiving, loss, and death.

If you would like to partner with us this year by being a sponsor, please contact Sherry Campbell from Welcome Home of Chattanooga at (423) 486-4001 or

Please note: Registration is made directly through Welcome Home of Chattanooga.