This series is in partnership with Welcome Home of Chattanooga and The Chattery. The program is free of charge. Classes take place every Thursday in February, March and April.

March is all about hospice care.

Judith Pedersen-Benn M.S., HT and CMBM Faculty presents: Just as we need help in the birthing process, we often need assistance to make our final transition. Consciously engaging with our own death requires physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual preparations. It also calls on us to imaginatively explore whom we would like to be present at the time of our deaths and even what we would like our environment to be like. This workshop will provide a place where you can imagine and draw a “mind-map” of what your most ideal last moments on earth would be like.

About the instructor:

Judith Pedersen-Benn, MS, CADC, CHT works with individuals, groups and organizations as they explore how to make positive changes, overcome self-defeating patterns, and integrate practices that encourage balance and wellness. For the past twenty years she has worked as a counselor, teacher, and organizational consultant. She incorporates her understanding of the reciprocal and relational nature of life into her professional practice and her work for peace and justice. She is a senior faculty member at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and adjunct Faculty for Saybrook University.

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