Orchids are beautiful delicate creatures and are a common gift. But how do you care for this tropical plant in our climate? Water? Ice cubes? Misting? How often does it need watering? How much water does it need? Is it dead when the petals fall off? What if the flowers don't come back for a very long time? Does it need repotting? If you have ever asked yourself or the internet these questions, join this class to get the answers.

About the instructor:

Natasha Romanova, an orchid enthusiast, splits her time between being an Art Dealer and a career in Finance. Natasha is the founder and owner of Romanova Art, an online art consulting firm. She is passionate about promoting the value of art and helping artists build lasting careers. Natasha is a developer and facilitator of the Business of Art workshop curriculum covering important business aspects pertinent to being a successful artist, such pricing, taxes, marketing, social media, communication, and many others.