Are you feeling uncertain and unclear about what comes next in your life? Are you juggling it all and just have this sense that there must be more than what your day-to-day looks like? After years of working with people in the exact same boat, instructor Liz Pessaran knows it all boils down to one thing: Not knowing your life purpose, the essence of who you are, at soul level.

In this 90 minute class, you will learn:

  • What exactly a life purpose is

  • 4 signs you are not aligned with your life purpose

  • 3 key ways to connect with your purpose

About the instructor:

Liz Pessaran is a Licensed Therapist, International Life Coach and Speaker who helps women around the world let go of what they “should” do and embrace what they feel “connected to”. Ultimately thriving in their purpose. She helps women walk away from their unfilled jobs and lifestyles and step into their dream career and cultivate the life they always desired. With nearly a decade of counseling experience, Liz utilizes her unique skill set to guide women to tap into their deep soul so they can shatter the box of limited belief and embrace their inner magic. Liz has a Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Counseling Psychology and is trained as a Life Coach with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. You can connect with Liz at her website and Instagram @lizpessaran. She recently made Chattanooga her home with her fiance and dog, loves nothing more than traveling to connect with beautiful people worldwide.