As you were (or still are) putting away your holiday decorations, what do you do with the cards?

We receive all these lovely cards through the year and many of them end up lost in the messy drawer, packed away in a decorations box never to be seen again or tossed in the trash.

In this class, we will learn how to upcycle those beloved cards and make them into a journal that can be used at any time through the year. Gather a few of your cards that you want to upcycle. The kit provided for the class will provide the rest of what you need.

Materials Included:

  • Bookmaking kit including 6 large eye needles for bookbinding, 1 wood handle awl, 1 waxed thread, 2 bone folder paper creaser and 1 needle bottle

  • Sample card book

  • Scrap paper to use as pages

Class is limited. Ticket sales end on Tuesday, January 19 at 1pm.

About the teacher:

No one should be forced to fit into one box. April Corbett loves everything that she does and encourages others to find what they love and do it. She's an engineer, maker, planner designer, productivity guru and all around crafter. She's always looking for new projects and awesome places to take her engineering career. Follow April on Facebook here.