Do you have an air fryer you haven't tried to use yet?

In Air Fryer 101, you'll not only learn tips for using your air fryer to get amazing results with prepackaged foods, you'll learn the basics of cooking from scratch in your new favorite kitchen appliance. Learn how to use the air fryer to make the juiciest meats, crispiest fries, and perfect vegetable sides with minimal oil and no mess!

Please note: You don't need to own an air fryer or a specific model to learn from this class.

About the teacher:

Mary Haymaker is the writer and cook behind the Chattavore. She was born and raised right here in Chattanooga, and her blog is all about Southern food and Chattanooga restaurants. She writes about all kinds of food, but her mission is to teach people to cook from scratch without breaking the bank - money or time-wise.