Get started teaching others online! If you’ve ever dreamed of teaching others through videos, this class will help you get started with the equipment you already have on hand - your phone or computer. By the end of this class, you’ll be able to use this 5 step system to create a professional, helpful, and high quality video and share it online. You’ll learn the secrets of being an entertaining and helpful personality on camera. You’ll also learn tips for getting a high quality image and sound.

About the teacher:

As a college student, Suzanne Dulin, MEng, produced Generic Television (GTV), a creative television show that was aired in New Orleans through Tulane University’s video production club. As a producer, she was able to setup and use cameras, microphones, lights, recording equipment, and editing equipment. After college, she went into the field of engineering, where her knowledge of audio/video production was useful in understanding radio frequency communications and audio/video engineering. In her last position, she was a professional e-learning developer. She worked with engineers to create helpful videos about the products that they designed. In her years of video production she’s learned that the most important part of a great video is a strong performance.