Has quarantine gardening produced more fruits and vegetables than you’re prepared for?

Beginner and experienced home food preservers can benefit from this overview of safe preserving methods and equipment needed for canning food.

Canning food at home involves adding food to jars and heating them to high enough temperature to kill microorganisms that can make you sick, such as Clostridium botulinum, or organisms that cause food to spoil. The goal is to can foods so that can be stored outside the refrigerator/freezer so that they will be safe to eat and maintain their quality.

Participants will receive files of canning publications and learn where to find reliable recipes and information from.

About the teacher:

June Puett is the Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent with the University of Tennessee Extension. With degrees in education and a passion for helping others learn, she reaches a variety of youth and adults on topics ranging from food preservation to fall prevention to money management and more! She likes getting her hands dirty and her feet wet.