Abstract painting can be fun and relieve stress! In this workshop, you will be guided through several methods of abstract painting that anyone can do.

Supplies needed:

  • Four acrylic paints in tubes -- three colors of your choice, plus white suggested (craft paints will work, but not as well because they are thinner)

  • Four surfaces to paint on (thick paper, canvas, or hard panel -- any size works!)

  • Old credit card or business card size cardboard

  • Comb or fork

  • Paper towels

Need materials and want to support local business? Contact Art Creations and purchase supplies from them! They can arrange contactless curbside pickup or you can have it shipped directly to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Wear old clothes and protect your work surface.

About the teacher:

Lisa Denney is an artist and textile designer in Chattanooga TN. She holds a degree in studio art from the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia. She moved to the Chattanooga area for a job as an area rug designer in 2000. After traveling to India for work in 2015, she became curious about the ancient art of handweaving. In 2017 she began to explore weaving as an art form and sharing the craft with others. She was chosen for Best Fine Craft in 2019 at the Creative Arts Guild’s Festival in Dalton. You can see her woven fiber art at Area 61 Gallery in Chattanooga. Follow her on Instagram @lolarunswithscissors, “Studio 4K Design - Lisa Denney” on Facebook or at lisadenneyartanddesign.com.