Your to-do list is very telling. What does it say about you? Learn how to see and re-think it from a whole new vantage point so that you not only feel good about what you keep on it, but you start approaching it with more joy and ease.

Bonus: You learn about yourself in the process. And the best part? You’ll actually become more productive without the stress and anxiety.

Everyone who attends has a chance to win one free hour-long 1:1 coaching session to go deeper about what you learned during class ($160 value).

About the teacher:

Kelly Summersett, a professional Life and Health Coach for over ten years, helps women manage their minds in very little time so they achieve everything that's important to them without over-thinking, stressing-out, and stalling-out. Her one-of-a-kind small group coaching class, MindBodySWEAT, up-levels women's lives in eight weeks by teaching them how to be present, manage their minds and develop healthier relationships with themselves and their bodies. Kelly has been publishing her blog, Motivation Monday, for ten years without losing motivation or missing a Monday yet.