During this class, NOOGAtoday reporter Chloé Morrison will discuss the folklore surrounding Underground Chattanooga. Is there an entire city below our city? Are there secret passageways under the streets where we walk downtown? Chloé will break down reality vs. myth surrounding one of the city's most interesting legends.

About the teacher:

Chloé Morrison is a self-proclaimed free-spirited control-freak. She's also an award-winning journalist who has been covering all things Chattanooga since 2006. She's an adjunct professor at UTC, where she works to get the younger generation excited about news and journalism. Recently, she researched Underground Chattanooga using only materials from the Chattanooga Public Library. In her spare time, she loves to travel (when there's not a pandemic), play music and sing (even if poorly), and find new ways to contribute to and experience her favorite city in Tennessee — Chattanooga. (Obviously.)