Drones have been a buzz word in the media for over a decade. From search and rescue missions to children building radio-controlled models for play, unmanned aerial systems have endless applications. In this class you will be introduced to myriad of drones and learn how they can be utilized to improve the quality of your work and also save time. The purpose of this class is to focus more on what a drone can do rather than what it does; which is the best way to change the drone from a toy to a tool.

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how a unmanned systems can be used in real estate, video games, construction/inspections, academic research, the film/photography industry and so much more.

About the teacher:

Jeramy Davis is the founder of Optic Unity, a small business located in Chattanooga that focuses on visual data. He is an FAA-certified UAV pilot and a GIS Specialist with a degree in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Jeramy has worked in the archaeology and geographic information systems industry for 4 years and has experience in 3D drone modeling, survey data collection, and digital cartography.