Have you ever tried to draw something and the size is way off? Too large? Too small? Lopsided? In this “live” class, you will be guided through building on basic contour drawing techniques for tackling better sizing and proportional relationships in your observational drawing based on your own 3D objects. We will create a viewfinder and discuss its’ use, as well as other tips and tools to help aid in proportion and composition of your drawings. All you need is some loose paper (or a sketchbook), a (non-mechanical) pencil, an eraser, a ruler, and access to items around your house.

Suggested items:

  • Choose 3-5, varying sizes: a mug, a tall glass/tumbler, a bottle, vase, candlestick holder

  • Small pot or vase with flowers or plant, small salt/pepper shaker, or other small 3D item (i.e. a game piece)

  • Xacto knife or box cutter

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • A scrap of flat cardboard or thick paper at least 5” x 7”, 8” x 10” in size.

  • Small piece of Mylar, or other clear plastic sheet that can be cut & drawn on (a clear document protector would work) (OPTIONAL)

About the teacher:

Carrie Pendergrass received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art, with a concentration in Painting, from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. She then went on to receive a Masters of Education degree from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Over the last twenty years, Carrie has been a freelance artist, art educator, and small-business owner. She recently stepped down from her Gallery Director position at the local non-profit HArt Gallery, where she worked for over three and a half years. She currently works as a professional artist, exhibiting her work locally and regionally, and continues to do arts education. She has been teaching art through grant-funded opportunities like Arts Build’s Artist-in-Residency Program and private and public instruction through Townsend Atelier, the Chattery, and other venues. You can find her as “Sewn to the Sea” on Facebook and Instagram and through sewntothesea.com.


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