Maybe you've heard this odd word, Enneagram, and wondered what it was all about ... or maybe you've taken an Enneagram test, but don't know what to do with the result. Either way, this short introduction to the Enneagram framework will give you a broad overview of the nine types and how they relate to one another, the patterns that each type exhibits, and the opportunities to have more harmonious relationships with all types available with this understanding. Attendees will get the most out of this workshop if they first take an Enneagram quick test, although it is not required; we recommend this one.

About the teacher:

Liz Norell is a yoga teacher, life coach, and college professor who values genuine connection and service above all else. She works with women (and sometimes men!) who stay busy yet feel unaccomplished, who feel certain there must be more fulfillment and purpose to life than hectic days and sleep-deprived nights. She helps others root down into their true callings, then gather the courage to leap to answer those callings. Using a holistic approach, informed by the Courageous Life Coaching program, the tools of Playing Big, and the Enneagram framework, she helps others come home to their truest hopes and trust they have everything they need to pursue their dreams.


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