So often, we can become afraid of the idea of "mental health". We say we are advocates, but often we are afraid of being labeled with a diagnosis or being seen as "crazy." This course is designed to clarify some of the myths of trauma and mental health and share why this knowledge is relevant for EVERYONE. It is also designed to teach basic skills in identifying, understanding, and responding to mental health moments before they become crisis.

In this masterclass, participants will learn how to:

Develop a deeper understanding of 'mental health'

  1. Define 'mental health'

  2. Identify prominent mental health issues (i.e. anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder)

  3. Understand the difference between a "moment"/episode and a crisis

  4. Learn the difference between an acute vs chronic illness

  5. Identify key ways to respond mental health moments

Learn trauma sensitive coping skills

  1. Learn basics of "trauma informed" mental health response for the average person

  2. Explore the nuances of difference between coping and self-care

  3. Understand what are 5 basic things to look for when creating a trauma sensitive environment

  4. Develop knowledge of popular coping strategies to self-soothe or support someone with

Create more mindful and trauma informed self-care responses to personal mental health goals

  1. Define Mindfulness

  2. Define Self- Care

  3. Explore ways to engage mindfulness in everyday life

  4. Develop a plan for self-care

  5. Develop a "mental health map" and personal strategy to aid in achieving mental clarity, emotional stability, and a better quality of life.

About the teacher:

Jeigh Billingy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a specialization in crisis response, trauma and emergency management. Jeigh was trained as an Emergency Medical Technician in Southern California, and then came to Chattanooga where she earned her Bachelors in Social Work, and Masters of Social Work. She has worked in crisis and emergency management providing direct care and crisis response for over a decade. She also trains groups, organizations, individuals and families in how to prepare for and respond to crisis and trauma. Jeigh enjoys hiking, baking, cooking ethnic foods and singing. She enjoys gardening and can often be found on her porch tending to her apartment garden.


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