The Chattery and Chattanooga School of Language are partnering to present a virtual Language Social! This month we’re offering German, Korean, Japanese, Beginning Spanish and Intermediate Spanish.

Language Socials are regular (online) meet-ups that give anyone a chance to converse in a target language through games, activities, art, music, guest presentations and more.

Our hope is that the Language Socials will bring people of all backgrounds, proficiency levels, interests and reasons for learning together for a common goal: communication in different languages while building community.

You'll also meet some really cool people virtually who may turn out to become lifelong friends!

All levels are welcome - beginning through advanced.

Pre-registration is required. Minimum of five people required for each language. Click the button below for monthly information: which languages are featured; location; price; etc. Sign ups are on Chattanooga School of Language’s website.


For details about our refund and class cancellation policy, visit our FAQs.
The minimum for each language is 5 people.