Carlos is a master at painting everyday objects and interiors in a conceptual and abstracted way. In this three-day workshop, Carlos will teach his approach to painting the interior as subject matter including his techniques and materials, underpainting, color, composition, light treatment, how to create unity, nuance, and how to paint from a photograph. Students will need to bring a good quality photograph from which they want to work. There will be plenty of demos, hands-on painting time, and one-on-one time with the instructor. Students need to have some painting and drawing experience and some knowledge of perspective.
There will be a one-hour lunch break each day. Feel free to bring your own lunch or enjoy lots of dining options nearby. For students traveling from out of town, please contact us if you need help with accommodation recommendations and we will be happy to help!

About the instructor:
Carlos San Millán is a Spanish painter who graduated from University of Baske Country School with degrees in painting and design. He engages with painting through a more conceptual view of traditional subjects like the figure or landscape. There is a subtle narration into the paintings, a presence that overlays on viewer’s perception and loads images with tarnished evocation. He has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Spain and Latin America. He currently lives and works in Quito, Ecuador.