Assemblage is the art of found objects. Using everyday items in unique and interesting ways, you will create a 3D collage using a cigar box as your foundation. Together we will tell a story from various odds and ends to create a unique tale that honors the past and items long forgotten. Everything you need will be provided for you to explore this fun and funky art form. The instructor has a treasure trove of old bits and bobs, vintage papers and trims for you to use to create your one of a kind art sculpture.

You will learn which glues to use and how to use them, how to work with delicate vintage items to preserve them for many more years, how to take something new and give it that vintage feel if it’s just the right thing for your piece. You can feel free to bring any ephemera or bits you have collected over the years to make your piece personal. Maybe you have old bobbins and a scrap of quilt from your Aunt or hand written recipes from Grandma? Bring them and make a memory all your own. Assemblage is the perfect art form to honor these memory items and create something truly special!

About the teacher:

Mindy June Kelly grew up in Georgia and moved to Chattanooga in 2006. Mindy's first love was music and theater and she always appreciated the visual arts. Mindy began studying various art forms such as sculpture, assemblage, collage and broadly 2D mixed media. Mindy relishes the hunt for vintage books, magazines, and items to use in her creations. Mindy is an artist with her studio at Chattanooga Workspace. She has shown work at in Nashville, Atlanta, at various local Chattanooga venues, and the 4 Bridges Arts Festival here in Chattanooga. Mindy's art is inspired by the beautiful women in her life, 20 years in the beauty industry, the sporadic mood swing, an occasionally offbeat sense of humor, and the exploration of love and self.