This Valentine's Day, we're introducing you to your one true love: tasty cocktails.

Join us as Kaleena Goldsworthy of The Bitter Bottle teaches you how to make three delicious cocktails and the basic skills needed to replicate these three tasty drinks at home, as well as fun ways to kick your cocktails up a notch with homemade ingredients and fun garnishes.

At the end of the class, everyone will leave with recipe cards and instructions on how to impress your family and friends! These cocktails are best enjoyed surrounded by the people you love (or a room full of strangers).

About the teacher:

Kaleena Goldsworthy was born in Maryland and raised in upstate New York. After suffering through many years of excessive snow, she felt it was time to move to a warmer climate, and found herself in Chattanooga only six months after visiting it for the first time. The fine folks at Flying Squirrel gave Kaleena her first job behind a bar and she instantly fell in love with the hospitality industry, the history of craft cocktails, and the food and beverage industry. To further her education and understanding of spirits and their origins, she started studying herbalism and began volunteering at Crabtree Farms. This knowledge, combined with her love of the cocktail industry, led her to start creating bitters at home. This passion grew, eventually leading to the creation of her business, The Bitter Bottle. The Bitter Bottle is focused on using organic and locally sourced ingredients to create bitters and tinctures. She also continues to focus on education, creating drinks, and sharing all of this with the community.