This class will be an overview of the postpartum period. We will talk about how to prepare emotionally, and practically for the transition into parenthood. Adding a new baby is a big adjustment so let talk about what to expect during this transition. What supports mom is likely to need during this time and how to access them will be discussed. Other topics include Infants and bonding, soothing infants, sleep for mom and baby and early parenting.

About the teacher:

Candiss Steinke has a master's degree in Social work and is a Lactation Counselor certified through the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice. She has professional experience working as a social worker supporting new moms during pregnancy, in the postpartum period and the first few years of motherhood as well as teaching parenting classes and supporting new mom's in a variety of ways. Personally Candiss is an experienced mom raising two rambunctious boys.