Ever told yourself you have a "tiny bladder" because you visit the loo so frequently? Or had uncomfortable moments when you cough, sneezed, jumped, or laughed? What about dealing with a sensation of "having to relieve your bladder ASAP"? Or experienced pelvic pain? Or just never felt quite right after having kiddos?

If you said yes to any of these, this class is for you! Learn about how to prevent and/or treat different kinds of incontinence and pelvic pain by properly activating the both pelvic floor as well as the equally important deep core muscles.

What to bring: a yoga mat (no experience in yoga necessary)

What to wear: comfortable easy-to move in clothing

About the teacher:

Monika Patel graduated with her doctorate in physical therapy from UTC in 2016 and feels thankful to practice in this profession since then. Monika started her own physical therapy practice, FizeoTherapy and Wellness to treat people with neurologic, orthopedic, and pelvic health conditions. Her goal is to listen to people's story and understand how it affects their body's movement, pain, and performance. She is passionate about both healing injuries and preventing them. Monika is also a wife, mother, and love anything with peanut butter on it.