How would you feel if your dominating thoughts were empowering, compassionate, aware and relevant? Join us for a half-day workshop all about building empowerment through practicing self-therapies. Together we'll build intimate connections as we learn and practice three techniques:

Depth inventories to clear away fear and anger.

Affirmations, including creating a "high purpose.”

And annuel inventories, including goal-setting.

About the teacher:

Adam Hudson has been working in secondary education the past 5 years teaching locally both at Girl Preparatory School and Ivy Academy. Adam has devoted himself to integral recovery coaching over the past 9 years. His own journey of healing from addiction and co-dependency is intimately connected to 12-step recovery and deeply informs his practice. Adam has two Master’s degrees from the California Institute of Integral Studies in Philosophy and Anthropology. He has lived in London, China, and San Francisco and is overjoyed to be back in his hometown of Chattanooga, TN.