This seminar will guide you and your significant other to an understanding of intercourse beyond the bedroom. At Crowning Your Essence, intercourse is defined as a life force entering into a course or lesson with another force of energy.

Through The Art of Intercourse seminar you will learn the history, stance and true power of intercourse. You and your significant other will learn how to intercourse your daily being into a space of balance and peace. You are guided towards the ability to be present in each moment you experience with the one you love. Enjoy the waves of enlightenment and relationships empowerment! This seminar is suitable for ages 18 and up.

Ticket covers TWO people. There is no need to purchase a ticket for each person individually.

About the teacher:

Rosetta Greer is the President of Crowning Your Essence, Inc. Rosetta is a Life Consultant, Empowerment Speaker, Holistic Educator & Author. She empowers people to create a conducive reality through purpose discovery, and helps people discover their purpose by activating their greatest version and guiding them to balance their greatness through day-to-day challenges. She believes that the power of support, uplifting, and loving others help one to seek a daily balance in their being while living their best life. Rosetta has been teaching, guiding and empowering others for over 4 years with over 4000 hours of individual and couple coaching. She works with small businesses and organizations through Executive Consulting to build a top notch team of employees, managers and leaders to adequately and effectively ignite their missions. Rosetta Empowers is the branding voice of empowerment to the world for Crowning Your Essence. "Rosetta Empowers" has made public appearances to speak in Chattanooga (Baby University, Reset-Mindset Initiative Seminars, Northside Neighborhood House, Hixson Middle School, Royalesque Sip Sample & Silent Auction, RCOS Monthly Empowerment Sessions and more); Knoxville, TN; Memphis, TN; Atlanta, GA; and New York.