Do you want to journal but think your thoughts aren't profound enough? Do you already journal and worry that it's a book of negativity and if someone found it they'd think you're a horrible and miserable person? Yes, we have this healthy outlet and yet have unhealthy thoughts about it.

In this class, we'll talk about the relief of journaling, and that you can actually have fun! We'll do writing exercises in the class, exploring methods to find the one that feels both easy and powerful for you. Please bring tools to write: paper, journal, computer, or journal app. Pens and pencils will be provided.

About the teacher:

Paula Dzik is in her mid-40s and looks more like her mother every day. Step-mother to two teen girls, she is skilled at ignoring sibling rivalries while drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade. A Marketing Strategist, Paula has spent her career explaining to friends that she's not the one who designs the brochure...or conceives of the tv spot...or knows reporters; nope, she's a project manager who also crunches data (Marketing doesn't sound so sexy now, does it?). She dabbles in writing nonfiction humor, binge watches TV while on the treadmill, and listens to podcasts.