Happy New Year! We are at an auspicious time of the year when we are inspired more than ever to design our best life. Living a fulfilled life is made up of moments where we invest personal growth in the areas of our Health, Wealth, Relationships and Creative Endeavors.

The question that may have your attention right now is, “What do I want to create for myself in the extraordinary year of 2020?”

After working with clients who fail to reach their goals, teacher Marlee Elaine has learned that so many people are feeling stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled. This is the Brick Wall of Frustration! The crossroads where your desires meet up with your discouragements and you quit in the process of achieving your success.

In order to reach your celebrations for your personal success and master the shift you are striving towards, you must create a clarity mindset, know the personal barriers that sabotage you and strategize a master plan of consistent steps of action partnered with accountability.

In this Master Class, get ready to…

  1. Implement an assessment of where you are in your life now and what you would like to shift to a higher level.

  2. Learn the wisdom of connecting to the sweet spot of the present moment by using mindfulness, meditation and journaling techniques. That is where the magic meets the vision!

  3. Create a measurable results action plan by defining the what, the how and the by when of your goals and desires.

  4. Bring motivated action into our goals by using a mind mapping tool to define the commitment of our action step plan.

  5. Discover the 5 main reasons we fail at achieving our best desires and the insight tools we can use to overcome our personal blocks and move forward and toward our desired outcomes!

Are you ready to create your “game plan” for your extraordinary year? Say YES! to your greatest desires and join me in becoming the person you were born to be!

Creative Clarity for Life ~ Inspiring you to go from where you are to where you want to be!

About the teacher:

Marlee Elaine is a motivational speaker, aspiring author and a certified Master Coach of Creative Clarity for Life, a personal development curriculum based on the famed Stanford University Master’s Degree course “Creativity in Business”. Marlee helps students get crystal clear in connecting to the unique talents, gifts and treasures of who they are and what they authentically want to create for their best life! She empowers her students with practical creative insight tools and proven emotional intelligence techniques to discover their next powerful chapter in their lives. Marlee currently leads workshops for adults and teens in the Chattanooga area as well as offering an online curriculum. In 2020 she is launching programs designed to empower teen girls with intelligent life strategies along with “Wild Heart Woman! Celebrate your Worth”, an 8 week transformational journey inspiring woman to know their true power in creating the kind of life they love!