Improv comedians aren't the only ones making it up as they go along. We improvise every day, from developing design solutions on the fly to putting out fires for clients to shooting the breeze at the water cooler. This class identifies and reinforces the improv principles many of us already use to negotiate with customers or managers, manage an effective brainstorming session, mitigate stress in the thick of things, and contribute to a positive work environment. No theater skill or experience needed in this safe place for learning.

About the teacher:

Jacob Moore and Elena Nikolaeva perform and teach improv for companies, teams, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in applying the techniques of performance to their daily work. Jacob is a New York-trained actor and improviser, with a background in publishing, marketing and corporate communication. Elena has been trained in improv by performers from around the country, has degrees in graphic design and education, and is currently a teacher of English as a second language.