So many of us say we need a “creative outlet.” But what does this mean? And why do we feel the need to be creative?

This desire to use creativity as an outlet is really about the need to express ourselves, because sooner or later, all of us need to connect and express who we are, why we’re here, and what we’ve done to create meaning in our lives.

One powerful way to find our creative selves is through Expressive Journaling. Unlike writing in standard journaling, writing is only part of the expressive journal. Listing, doodling, sketching, coloring, glittering, using stickers and stars, and other “grammar” school activities is just as important. So come to this class ready to open yourself up to new ways of expression!

Supplies: Everyone will be provided with a 9x12 inch pad of unlined paper to keep. We will also provide crafting supplies, pencils, pens, paste, markers, etc.

About the teacher:

Rebecca Cook is a writer, performer, speaker, and preacher. She has read her work in many venues, large and small, and is always eager to share her writing or give a lecture. She taught creative writing at UTC (2004-2014) and mentors in Creative Nonfiction’s Mentoring Program. Her writing can be found in journals large and small--from the tiny Waugh Street Journal to the prestigious Georgia Review. She has published a poetry collection, a poetry chapbook, and an e-novel with small, independent presses. Her poems have appeared in the Romanian journals Convorbiri Literare and Poesis, and she has co-translated two collections of Romanian poems with Olimpia Iacob. Her most recent publications are The Best Man in the World, a chapbook with poet Jenny Sadre-Orafai, and The Shape of Water, a Romanian/English book of poems alongside poet Talvescu Dumitru.