Art is everywhere, and created by everyone, everyday. Is the representation of art professionals just as vast?

Coffee Talks are an opportunity to connect, sip coffee and have conversation with creatives in our community.Happening once a month at The Chattery, coffee dates are IRL moments to be inspired, have candid conversations and meet new friends. This month's Coffee Talk is with Kren the Curator, Kreneshia Whiteside.

With this event, Kren the Curator will share her perspective as a Black woman working in the art world and open the floor to discuss the topic of diversity in the creative field. We'll discuss data, expectations vs reality, non and for-profit businesses, and more. This dialogue is great for not only women or women of color, but anyone currently working or looking to work in the arts.

All Coffee Talks have a $5 admission fee, and all events include coffee and light bites.

About the speaker:

Chattanooga native, Kreneshia Whiteside, is an advocate for the arts devoted to fostering culture in the community. While attending an arts school for seven years, Kren developed an appreciation for emerging and working artists. After realizing her passion, she discovered the career of curation, obtained her degree, and continues to dedicate her skills and gifts to presenting the creativity of others.

Kreneshia began curating in 2015 as a university senior and has since worked with entities such as Nashville's Frist Museum of Art, Augusta’s Westobou Gallery, the Association for Visual Arts (current Chief Curator) and others. Expanding her realm as an independent curator, Kren works with more creatives outside of the region, for example the New York artist/fashion designer, Audrey Schilt, and the ever-traveling poet/artist, Genesis the Greykid. Her next travels include L.A. and participation in the 2020 School for Curatorial Studies in Venice, Italy.

“I’m conscious that my work is bigger than me- it’s about the art. It’s my responsibility to ensure the artist is heard and to evoke a change in anyone that witnesses my curated exhibitions” - Kreneshia. Over the past 4 years, Kren has curated over 30 collections.