Personal finances are fundamentally important to the success and health of everyone. But for women, the demands, circumstances and priorities of life are a lot different than a man's - so shouldn't our financial advice be too?

As women, we have a lot to consider when it comes to finances, but often other obligations in life win out for our attention. Rather than focusing on financial stability and building wealth for our future - we often prioritize others needs over our own. But not prioritizing ourselves and properly managing our finances can stifle our efforts to live a happier life with less stress.

In this class, you will learn about the unique challenges that women face and how to overcome them. We will cover how managing your personal finances is the key to expanding your wellness practice and living life free from a burden that you can actually control.

Please note: women and nonbinary folks are welcome to attend this class.

About the teacher:

Rebecca Brooks is a professional Financial Coach and owner of the financial coaching business R&D Financial Coaching. For many years, Rebecca worked for businesses improving their sales, profits and outcomes but decided to change course and use her knowledge and skills to help individuals improve their quality of life. With a background in the outdoor industry she brings a laid back culture and a feminine touch to the personal finance world. She prioritizes work-life balance, living life on your terms and pursuing your passions over keeping up with the Jones’. Her goal is to educate and empower the women of Chattanooga to elevate their dreams, fulfill their goals and enrich their lives.