Have you ever had a yoga teacher tell you to breathe? Did you find that you were holding your breath when he or she said that? Did you ever wonder HOW your teacher could tell you were restricting your breath?

By the end of this class you’ll really understand why breath is the key to a deep yoga practice and whether you are a beginner, an intermediate student, or an advanced practitioner, you will be able to move into and out of yoga postures with more ease and fluidity. You’ll also be able to sustain yoga postures for long periods of time with ease - and you’ll learn why you never “hold” a yoga posture.

This class is appropriate for yoga practitioners of all levels. Please bring your own mat.

About the teacher:

Suzanne Dulin, MEng, is Tennesee's only officially authorized Freedom Yoga teacher - she is one of a handful of teachers allowed to teach the teacher training program of her mentor, yoga master Erich Schiffmann. She has studied yoga for over 30 years and taught for 20. Suzanne moderated the largest and longest running discussion board related to yoga. From talking to teachers all over the world, she has a depth of knowledge that few teachers have on the entire practice of yoga. Suzanne teaches yoga in a step by step manner that takes students from rote beginners all the way up to yoga mastery. Her focus is on helping people to use yoga to achieve their own goals, whether that is to improve overall fitness, explore spirituality, to improve stretch, become stronger, focus on balance, or learn to incorporate meditation into their daily routine.