Are you thinking about getting pregnant? Are you already pregnant?

After the decision to start a family has been made, you can be overwhelmed with advice and recommendations for healthcare professionals, family, and the community. This class will provide tools to navigate all that input and make the best choices tailored to one’s own expectations, personality, and circumstances.\

The class includes discussions about:

  • Birth options

  • Importance of breastfeeding

  • What a newborn is like and what they need

  • The experience of new parenthood

About the teacher:

Judie Misner has had a particular interest in New mothers and babies since the birth of her 4 children and graduation from the University of Illinois College of Nursing. She became certified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 1995 and has worked as a lactation consultant at Erlanger East Hospital for 14 years. Judie's professional training and years of observation and experience make her amply qualified to teach Planning for Parenthood.