Chinese Medicine is more than just acupuncture. This short class will get your toes wet in the wonders of Chinese Medicine. We will discuss what Chinese Medicine is, how it works (in Eastern and Western terms), diseases it treats, how ailments are diagnosed, and the different modems of therapy.

About the teacher:

Susan Fox is owner and operator of Hill City Acupuncture. She was born and raised in Chicago and was leading a fairly normal life when she was suddenly afflicted with a rare neurological disorder. Despite her many protestations, her Cardiologist eventually forced her to seek out Chinese Medicine for her ailment. It was through Chinese Medicine that she experienced the most change, and was eventually able to get her life back. A few years later, she decided that she wanted to help others with their "fall through the cracks" health ailments and enrolled for her Masters in Chinese Medicine in Portland, Oregon. With degree in hand, she headed to study under an herbalist in Thailand, and work in a few hospitals in China, before settling down and starting her own practice here in Chattanooga.