We are in the home stretch of this extraordinary year of 2019 and the question that is tapping on our life for attention is, “Where are you in your progress for your goals for this year?” Living a fulfilled life is made up of moments where we invest in our personal growth in the areas of our Health, Wealth, Relationships and Creative Purpose.

So many people are feeling stuck, frustrated and unfulfilled, and the #1 reason for this is a lack of clarity and a strong mindset for success.

This is where we must begin if you are going to actually break free from your cycle of failing to take your life to the next level.

In this master class, we will do an inquiry of insight for clarity of where you are in the progress of your goals. You will learn success strategy tools and experiential exercises that will support you in creating the momentum to complete the remaining distance toward your desired success results! Because the name of the game of living a life fulfilled is “Play BIG or go home” you will learn to formulate a solid success strategy so that you can achieve the realization of your personal success.

This workshop will invest success strategies in you to:

  • Get crystal clear on where you are now in your creative process of your goal.
  • Get crystal clear about what is your purpose and vision on what the end-result will look like once you arrive.
  • Discover the main barriers for why we fail at achieving our greatest intentions and the tools we can use to overcome our personal blocks.
  • Define an accountable action plan using the “How” and the “By when” measure of your goal.
  • Put your goals into action by using a mind mapping tool to define with clarity a well-executed action step plan.

Are you ready to create your “game-plan” to finish 2019 Strong? Learn how to strategize, initiate, follow-through and create your momentum to cross the finish line of 2019 with success.

About the teacher:

Marlee Elaine is a certified Master Instructor of Insight for Life and teaches a personal development curriculum based on the famed Stanford University Master’s Degree course “Creativity in Business”. Marlee helps students get crystal clear in connecting to the unique talents, gifts and treasures of who they are and what they authentically want to create by empowering them with practical creative insight tools and resilient emotional intelligence solutions to ignite the fires of their creative desires. Her workshops in life transformations have been taught online and in the community to adults and teens since 2015. Marlee is passionate about creating a life you get to thrive in everyday! When she is not immersed in doing what she loves to do in the world – being an inspirational insight to create your best life with integrity – you will find her backstage as theatre mom guru for her beautiful daughter, trading recipes with her son the pastry chef, or practicing yoga, nurturing a garden full of flowers and veggies and always creating something delish in the kitchen for family and friends.