Many people have dreams and desires that are so close that they can almost reach out and touch them...yet they put off the valuable steps that can easily get them there. How many times have you caught yourself saying, “Oh, I will begin… tomorrow, next week, next month, when I have the time, when the kids are grown, when I have more money." or “I can’t do that. I’m not experienced enough, smart enough, able enough. What will people think, what if I fail?"

Why do we do this?

Procrastination and fear, aka the postponing of any investment or action step towards our desire because of the unknown. Let’s face it, we can get pretty crafty when it comes to avoiding taking the necessary actions steps in the direction of bringing our desires into authentic existence.

But what is under the beliefs and mindsets that block our success moments?

  • Fear… of the risk fear… of failing fear… of the unknown outcome
  • Self-doubt and a neglected sense of worthiness.
  • Lack of a bulletproof plan and resilient time management skills.

You get it...the list can go on and on. We may believe all of this procrastination is keeping us from the possibility of failure but in truth it is actually keeping us from our success.

In this empowering Master Class you will learn how to:

  • Identify the ways in which you are procrastinating… are you Stuck, Spun or Stalled in your action steps?
  • Engage in tools of creative insight and experiential exercises formulated to awaken your emotional intelligence. Choose a new point of attraction. What you are thinking, feeling and believing is either supporting you or blocking you from what it is you want to achieve.
  • Cultivate intelligent solutions about how to overcome fears and barriers, even the ones you may not know exist because they have been hidden from your conscious view.
  • Discover how to create and actively follow a Measurable Results Action Plan guaranteed to inspire and motivate you into making your dreams and desires a reality.

Are you ready to STOP procrastinating and live your Life on Purpose? If not now, when?

About the teacher:

Marlee Elaine is a certified Master Instructor of Insight for Life and teaches a personal development curriculum based on the famed Stanford University Master’s Degree course “Creativity in Business”. Marlee helps students get crystal clear in connecting to the unique talents, gifts and treasures of who they are and what they authentically want to create by empowering them with practical creative insight tools and resilient emotional intelligence solutions to ignite the fires of their creative desires. Her workshops in life transformations have been taught online and in the community to adults and teens since 2015. Marlee is passionate about creating a life you get to thrive in everyday! When she is not immersed in doing what she loves to do in the world – being an inspirational insight to create your best life with integrity – you will find her backstage as theatre mom guru for her beautiful daughter, trading recipes with her son the pastry chef, or practicing yoga, nurturing a garden full of flowers and veggies and always creating something delish in the kitchen for family and friends.