Do you live with debt? This class is all about how to best manage current debt and what tools are available to help.

The team at Bank of America will discuss the different types of rates, how to stop paying more than you should, and how to use the savings to apply to towards other debt or savings for other goals. We will discuss in detail what tools are available to help and start you down the right path to become debt free.

This class is sponsored by Bank of America.

About the teacher:

Meghan Herston is the Financial Center Manager of the Chattanooga Main Office of Bank of America. For the past five years, Meghan has helped both business and consumer clients to achieve their goals through financial guidance. Bank of America wants to give its clients the power to achieve their goals by understanding their full financial picture and guiding clients down their path. As a manager of multiple different types of business, Meghan understands the pace, obstacles, and successes of small business owners and want to share with the local community small business owners the knowledge and guidance that Bank of America offers all of its clients.