This half-day workshop will explore how the Enneagram, a powerful, ancient tool for transformation, can help us grow personally and with those around us. Whether in the workplace or at home, the Enneagram gives us a map for how to thrive in whatever context we find ourselves in.

Over the half-day workshop, you will learn about each of nine personality types and their strengths, underlying motivations, and internal defense mechanisms. This offers not only a path for personal growth but also increased empathy to help build a better work culture. With practical take aways and handouts, this workshop is perfect for those experienced with the Enneagram or for those new to it as well.

Coffee and light breakfast will be provided.

About the Teacher:

Wesley Nichols is a Certified Enneagram Teacher and founder of Enneagram Chattanooga ( Wesley also works as a licensed marriage and family therapist in Chattanooga, TN and an Enneagram coach for people across the United States.

As a certified Narrative Enneagram teacher and International Enneagram Association Professional, Wesley has received over 200 hours of in-person training and workshops through the Narrative Enneagram and the Enneagram Institute. Wesley uses his knowledge and passion for the Enneagram to help individuals, groups, and teams find deeper understanding, growth, and connection.