Featuring the top nationally touring comedians like you see on HBO, Comedy Central and Late Night TV! This weekend we host comedians Tim Pulnik and Jeremy Greenberg.
Friday (7/27): 9:30pm
Saturday (7/28): 10:30pm

Limited Seating! Get your tickets today at or call our Box-Office: 423.266-6202

Headline Comedian Tim Pulnik:

Tim has been entertaining audiences throughout the US and Canada for years, bringing a mix of high energy, quick wit and quirky antics when he hits the stage. Tim has appeared on the USA Show "Burn Notice," and is the voice of the Offensive Coordinator in the Football video game MADDEN 2011.

Tim's performing/writing style has given him an edge that's been recognized by HBO and Showtime as well as Time Out magazine and New York's Metro Channel. He can be heard on Sirius/XM Radio Raw Dog. On screen he has worked in films such as LOST & FOUND, CAMPAIGNER, and ACTION 5 NEWS.


Feature Comedian Jeremy Greenberg:

When Jeremy Greenberg hits the stage, the audience would be well advised to forget what they know about life as they know it. They should brace themselves for a multidimensional comic who can give them a glorious tour of a world that spans the simple and the sophisticated, the stupid and the smart, the sexual and the spiritual realms of human existence.

In one evening, Jeremy will do everything from make observations about things that don’t exist and rant wildly about things that do.