Hey you! Yeah, you! You wanna know what all the cool kids are doing? They're going to this show to listen to some loud, pop and rock n' roll music!

The Value (Chattanooga, TN) - One of Chattanooga's absolute best punk rock bands complete with catchy hooks & sweet ass melodies. You do not wanna miss the chance to rock out with The Value! Check out some of their great music on their Reverbnation page:

Mythical Motors (Chattanooga, TN) - Are you lonely and need someone who will stay with you all night & get drunk with you while playing catchy tunes? Well, then you might like these guys. They've been called "Chattanooga's answer to GBV" but they've also been called "too drunk to be playing music." Regardless of what you think of Mythical Motors, you probably won't remember what happened the next morning anyhow.

All this is happening at Moccasin Bend Brewery, where they serve great beer and great times. Be there!