Award-winning dance choreographer and former dancer of Walt Disney World is starting a NEW All-Star dance team in Chattanooga!

Do you want to become an All-Star? Are you competitive and goal-driven? Does your school have a dance team or not, but you wish you were a part of a successful competitive dance team?

Come join Chattanooga’s NEW All-Star dance team this year! The coach for the new All-Stars has worked with Cleveland Middle School and KO Legacy All-Stars since 2007. These dance teams have dominated all over the southeast winning numerous 1st places, Grand Champions, Highest Overall Scores and Best Choreography!

The focus of the All-Star dance team is to compete in nationally-recognized dance competitions such as Jam fest, Athletic Championship, Fusion, Walt Disney World and more! We are seeking all serious dancers who love to compete. We will train you even if you have little dance experience! The Chattanooga All-Stars will be train by the most highly recommended and talented dance choreographers. Our goal is to train all serious individuals to become the most elite and professional competitive dancers!

Come join Chattanooga’s NEW All-Star dance team this year! We want YOU to join now and dance for the new competitive dance team in Chattanooga!

Visit is on facebook for more information where meeting will be held!