The Instant Pot is a great way to get a last-minute dinner on the table, but what if you forgot to plan ahead? Mary will show you how to cook a meal from scratch using food straight from the freezer. She’ll share tips on how to prep your food before freezing it to make Instant Pot cooking quick and easy, and she’ll also share ideas for fully assembled Instant Pot freezer meals!

Bring your Instant Pot questions and if Mary doesn't have the answer, she'll get it for you! Handouts of basic cook times and techniques will be provided. This class is not sponsored by Instant Pot. Mary just really loves her Instant Pot and wants to help others learn to love theirs too!

Please note: You do not need to own Instant Pot to learn from this class.

About the teacher:

Mary Haymaker is the writer and cook behind the Chattavore. She was born and raised right here in Chattanooga, and her blog is all about Southern food and Chattanooga restaurants. She writes about all kinds of food, but her mission is to teach people to cook from scratch without breaking the bank - money or time-wise.