We all need a safe space right now.

These circles are designed to open you up to the deepest parts of your being, for the purpose of cleansing or healing your mind, body, and spirit. Rosetta Empowers will take you to a safe space and utilize the natural forces of the universe as a way to reveal you to your greatest desires with ease, love, and a judgment free zone. This Circle experience will allow you to feel empowered and equipped to reach your greatest potential.

About the teacher:

Rosetta Greer was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She graduated as the Valedictorian of Brainerd High School's Class of 2008, serving as a member of the Honor Society, Hamilton County's Gifted Program, and top 10% of Hamilton County students in 2008. She moved to Knoxville, Tennessee shortly after to begin her career as an undergraduate at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville focusing on philanthropy and psychology.

Rosetta studied Psychology at UT for four years and went to start a consulting company in 2017, Crowning Your Essence, Inc. She is a Certified Noble Design Coach of Noble Success LLC and a Holistic Life Coach of Holistic Learning Centers. She's also an ordained Minster of American Marriage Ministries and enjoys officiating private weddings of dear friends and family.

Rosetta is a self-published author with her debut workbook journal releasing in 2018 titled, Memoirs of My Soul: A Journey to Self. She is currently raising her 3 beautiful children (Kenyon 8y, Khloe 6y, and Nefertari 5y) with her partner Brian. In her spare time, she enjoys her family, reading, traveling, finding creative ways to break generational traumas placed upon people, learning new information, making connections with new people, empowering people, expanding minds, and changing lives. Follow Rosetta Empowers on Instagram and Facebook, to connect with her latest Sacred Space tour dates!